#ShamanShawnFML – The “SHAME-2-FAME” Challenge! – ($500 Prize)

Shaman Shawn “Fix My Life” is a new Online Reality Show. The purpose is to SHOW people how easy it is to Live a Successful and Fulfilling Life. With just a couple basic “TOOLS” .. anyone can take their life from “SHAME 2 FAME” in no Time!

The “SHAME-2-FAME”¬†Challenge consists of 6 Mini Challenges:

  1. Get Real Challenge
    • This Challenge will help you to “GET REAL” about whats going on in your life and how things could be improved.
  2. Budget Challenge
    • This Challenge will help you to Understand the benefits and Life Changing qualities of a Simple Budget.
  3. Goal Setting Challenge
    • This Challenge will help you to set “SMART” Goals.
  4. Switch It Up Challenge
    • This challenge will help you “Switch It Up” and step outside of your Comfort Zone.
  5. 5 years Challenge
    • This Challenege will help you to Create a “5 Year Vision” for yourself.
  6. 1 Year Plan Challenge
    • This Challenge will Help you to Create a SOLID “1 Year Plan” for achieving your Goals.

Finish Finishing Assessment & Answer the Question:

“Do you feel like you have the tools needed to Fix your Life?”

$500 Prize – Upon Completion!

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