How I Make a Living

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Put simply: Residual Income       (more details to come)

I live by a simple concept, “Pennies make Dollars.”  -Some wise man

A Brief History: I started working at 10 years old when I learned the value of a dollar. Me and my childhood best friend, Jamaal, would take our parents lawn mowers and walk around the neighborhood going door to door asking people to cut their lawns. At the end of a long day of hustle, we would sit back and count our money and be thrilled for the next time. I was one of the only kids on the bus to middle school with $100 in my pocket of money that I made on my own, thus nobody could tell me what to do with it. (Read More)

Major Concepts that shape my work habits: Linear Income VS Residual Income (What’s the Difference? – Coming Soon)

With all that being said, I make a living by building and maintaining small streams of Residual Income. I believe that the more diverse your income streams, the less likely you are to.. well..  go broke!

When people ask me “What do you do for a living?,” I always draw a small blank because I do so many things all at once. I am trying to create one of those 30 second elevator spills about who I am and what I do, but nothing “profound” has graced my spirit yet. So, I’ll continue for now to draw a small blank, and casually utter “I’m an Entrepreneur.” (which most people think .. JOBLESS!!.. lol)

I just somehow feel saying “Entrepreneur” is less cumbersome and more “Humble” than saying, well… I make money doing the following:

All of these (and probably more that i cant think of right now) produce income from as small as 1 Penny a day up to much more copious amounts.

(more to come)

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