6 Steps To Breaking Habits & Saying No

Bad Habits Are Easy To Make, But Difficult To Break. Try this six step method.

Find Purpose

You must have purpose to break any habit. Purpose can destroy  a difficult addiction. Believe in something bigger than you.

Identify Your Trigger

Do you always eat whenever you watch tv? That’s a trigger. Different people have different triggers. It could be stress. Or maybe coffee. Recognize these triggers and your halfway to conquering that bad habit.

Take Small Steps

Your habit wasn’t created overnight. Neither is your cure. Set easy goals in the beginning and build upon each success.

Engage Friends

You can accomplish this by yourself, but your odds of success increase dramatically when you seek out friends or family who want the same goal.

Eliminate Stress & Boredom

Excess stress can trigger a relapse so it’s critical to avoid stressful situations while trying to develop your ability to say no.

Give It To God

Whenever you give your problems to God a certain feeling of peace surrounds you. He is bigger than your habit or addiction.



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