My MeTh Healing Journey

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My name is Shaman Shawn.

For the past year I have been doing a private study on the effect of Meth on the Body, Mind, and Spirit. Not only did I observe others, I partook in the “parTy” as well. My main goal in doing so was to experience the effects both from a both a visual and physical standpoint.

I chose not to go based on what I heard, instead on what I physically saw and felt, from my own experiences and the experiences of others.

I literally witnessed a couple friends of mine go from knowing nothing about MeTh to being completely “ParTied OuT”!

I found that people who parTy fall into 1 of a few (simplified) categories:

  1. The Fully Functional “Money is No Issue” Fiends
  2. The Binge “Budget Buying” Users
  3. The “Non-Buying” Bag Chasers

Me personally, fell into Category 2. This is not to say that one category is better or worse than the other but I will describe the differences in the few, solely based on my limited knowledge of the whole thing.

(more coming soon)


Everything written here is based on my (Shaman Shawn) experiences for educational purposes only. I understand that my experiences were very limited and I in no way claim to have THE ANSWERS.

However, I do believe that I gathered enough info to get a broad general idea of whats going on in the “ParTy Community”. My goal is to help, not to harm.

I appreciate all feedback!


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