Sex wins again

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So I get called out to what’s supposed to be a Healling/Coaching session. A guy that requested my “healing services” from Adam4Adam .. (yea I know).

So, we initially made plans for 8pm but when the time came .. “Things came up” .. he was supposed to be putting the kids to bed and finishing up family duties .. “so there would be no distractions”.

I told him to contact me once he was ready to meet and we would go from there. He began calling back around 11pm but at this point I was in and out of sleep so I pretty much decided that we would meet another day, so I decided not to answer the phone.

About 12:15am my phone rings, waking me up from the nap I had dozed into. He was supposed to be ready to begin his healing process.

Because of the sincerity in his voice and persistence I decided to go out to at least meet him.

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