Treat People like a Chopped Challenge Basket

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Shaman Shawn’s Statement: In life people are a “mixed basket of random ingredients” both good and bad. The goal is to use both the good and the bad from people in order to make ┬ásomething great!

When it comes to life, I treat it like a Chopped Challenge. Each person I come in contact with I consider them a Chopped Basket.

For those who have never seen Chopped Challenge, its a cooking show where they give you a “Mystery Basket” of ingredients.
Key points of the show:

Some Good Ingredients

Some Bad Ingredients

A small time limit

My goal is to take the ingredients that are give to me and time I have in order to “Whip up the Best Dish” that I can create in the time given in order to present it to the Judges for Tasting.


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