Walmart Is About To Start Selling Cars And No We’re Not Joking

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No, really. As of April this year you’ll be able to buy new and used cars from around 25 Walmart stores in three US states, and we can’t imagine regular dealers are pleased about it

Fed up with the limited choice of vehicles on the shelves of your local supermarket? Well, obviously someone is, because American retail giant Walmart is about to start selling cars.

According to an Automotive News report, Walmart is employing a platform called CarSaver that will operate from 25 stores in major cities in Arizona, Texas and Oklahoma. They have the backing of 16 sites belonging to major car dealer group AutoNation, and money lender Ally Financial is on board as well.

Rather than parking new models next to the biscuits, the system will run via an online portal in a dedicated area of each of the stores. Sales people will do their thing, but essentially customers will be able to do everything from reading specifications to choosing paint colours, applying for finance and placing orders. It will literally become possible to go shopping for milk and end up buying a car.

It’s not just new cars, either. Used machines will be up for sale on the system, too, and since the stores are in southern states with plenty of Mexican workers, advisors will reportedly be bilingual. I bet Trump will love that.

CarSaver’s CEO claims that a pilot scheme saved buyers an average of over £2400 off the retail price of new cars.

Rival retailer Costco already runs a similar scheme, with Automotive News quoting figures of more than 1000 cars sold per year, per store. Walmart is said to want to match that, aiming for 25,000 car sales per year across its CarSaver locations.

At least you won’t be far away from something to eat while you’re there

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